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Hardesty hall

Granite Modular Sulpture Fountain

The Hurricane Fountain was designed to create a vortex of descending water and is combined with LED lighting and fog misting to provide an engaging appearance in constant motion. The fountain body was hewn from solid granite with all piping inside the body and basin below. The effects of water, lighting, and fog are controlled by custom computer programs. The design intent was to create a sense of rotation that is reminiscent of the circular motion of a hurricane, which is the symbol for the university’s athletic teams. It is the centerpiece of a new plaza surrounded by student housing and a student activities center on the campus of The University of Tulsa. The spiral fountain base (10-ft/ 7-ft, height: 7-ft) consists of two solid granite modules. An integrated Oase rotating nozzle and a fog system display create the Hurricane display: Water sprays out and around, then flows down the granite spiral of the fountain base.


Project Details

10-ft Diameter, 7-ft H
Tulsa, OK
prime contractor:
Key Construction
landscape architect:
Howell & Vancuren Landscape Architects

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Jerry Claxton
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Jerry has been exclusively involved for over 22 years in design, manufacturing and construction throughout the world devoted to the water feature industry. Jerry joined Kusser in 2010 to provide special initiatives, designing and creating themes of aspiring wonder from the natural element of stone and water. He has a passion to create an awe and aspiring world class water display for any application and involved in all phases of the industry. Contact Jerry today to discuss your water feature desires.