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Expert planning for natural stone.

Kusser Naturstein Fachplanung

For us, precision starts right from the planning stage.

The success of a natural stone project, once the final slab has been laid, depends essentially on the very first step: thorough advance planning. At Kusser, we have comprehensive theoretical know-how and practical skills in natural stone based on decades of experience. In our role as expert planners, we will work constructively with you, supporting your creative processes, and planning the technical implementation. The thousands of projects we have successfully realized – such as the Marienplatz subway station in Munich and the Gilching community center – provide you with the assurance you need when making a major investment.


Enabling you to plan – our planning services:

  • Reliable cost estimating right from the planning phase
  • Complete tender documentation
  • CAD designs
  • Proof of stability
  • Quote evaluation

Projects planned by Kusser:

Expert planning only, or the full package.

As an all-in-one vendor, we provide our services from the planning stage through to installation. You decide what phases of your project you need us for. Already got a project in the pipeline? Talk to us – nothing beats a one-on-one consultation.

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Jerry Claxton2
Jerry Claxton
Director of Sales

Jerry has been exclusively involved for over 22 years in design, manufacturing and construction throughout the world devoted to the water feature industry. Jerry joined Kusser in 2010 to provide special initiatives, designing and creating themes of aspiring wonder from the natural element of stone and water. He has a passion to create an awe and aspiring world class water display for any application and involved in all phases of the industry. Contact Jerry today to discuss your water feature desires.