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Nature's monoliths.

Kusser Findlinge

Using boulders as design features.

Boulders are single blocks of stone; unique objects in nature. The rare objects occur, in only small numbers, between the overburden and the rock. Boulders acquire their particular form due to natural spheroidal weathering. At Kusser, we either leave boulders untouched in their natural state, or subject them to partial working. Boulders can be interesting design features for works of art or fountains; in interior areas or in public squares.


What we love about boulders:

  • Unique natural objects
  • Partially worked on request
  • Kusser works even large-format boulders with great precision
  • Hundred of projects realized using boulders
  • Sizes from a few kilos to over 100 tonnes

"Nature is a stonemason – though based on random occurrences. Earth movements, volcanic activity and extreme weathering over thousands of years have created natural stone works which we humans find magically appealing. Boulders are special; they are embodiments of pure naturalness."

Any questions?

Jerry Claxton2
Jerry Claxton
Director of Sales

Jerry has been exclusively involved for over 22 years in design, manufacturing and construction throughout the world devoted to the water feature industry. Jerry joined Kusser in 2010 to provide special initiatives, designing and creating themes of aspiring wonder from the natural element of stone and water. He has a passion to create an awe and aspiring world class water display for any application and involved in all phases of the industry. Contact Jerry today to discuss your water feature desires.