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Where there is water, there is life

Kusser Brunnen System 2

Fountains from Kusser: durable, stylish, and refined.

People like to gather around a fountain. That's not surprising, water is the origin of all life and has always created a magical attraction. In architecture, water is an elementary design tool. For over 35 years, Kusser has been developing oases of granite. Such as fountains, water courses, water tables, climate fountains, water walls and much more.


All-in-one solutions – for maximum benefit.

  • Solid granite stays resistant and beautiful for decades
  • Resistant to frost and chemicals
  • Each fountain is tested in the factory before shipping
  • Highly waterproof, unparalleled in the industry, thanks to our own modular design
  • Flexibility of design: Planning and fabrication according to individual wishes
  • Exclusive look: Stone in combination with glass, stainless steel and bronze

Projects with Kusser fountain systems.

Solid granite vs. natural stone cladding

For our fountains we use solid natural stone cross-sections instead of the lower-cost concrete core with natural stone surface cladding. Our supreme workmanship creates a fabulous design with slender floor and wall cross-sections. Using solid granite also means there is one less weakspot in the complex fountain construction. If there are no interfaces where materials of differing quality meet, no water or weathering damage can occur.

One fountain system, innumerable possibilities.

Kusser architects, engineers, designers, stonemasons and technicians collaborate to produce truly the best solutions for fountains of all sizes. From interactive fountains to water tables. For interior and exterior areas. Kusser fountain systems also incorporate programming of all water and lighting effects. Whatever ideas you have, come and talk to us. We know that together we will be able to translate them into new levels of quality.

Any questions?

Jerry Claxton2
Jerry Claxton
Director of Sales

Jerry has been exclusively involved for over 22 years in design, manufacturing and construction throughout the world devoted to the water feature industry. Jerry joined Kusser in 2010 to provide special initiatives, designing and creating themes of aspiring wonder from the natural element of stone and water. He has a passion to create an awe and aspiring world class water display for any application and involved in all phases of the industry. Contact Jerry today to discuss your water feature desires.