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The new stone age.

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Nothing is as fascinating as natural stone.

Rock is as old as the Earth. Natural stone has been a key raw material resource throughout human history. Modern-day methods have made it possible to copy natural stone effectively – but a copy is never quite the same as the original. Moreover, we are seeing a general trend back toward the natural; the authentic. Natural stone is currently more popular than it has been for a long time. And it's no wonder: the natural benefits of stone are not so easy to replicate.


Benefits of natural stone:

  • No two pieces of natural stone are alike; their patterning is as unique as the grain of wood
  • Inclusions, veins and strata tell stories from time immemorial
  • Unlimited durability
  • Timelessly beautiful
  • Resistant to weathering and frost
  • Natural stone is eco-friendly and reusable
  • Stone is a renewable resource; there is always new rock being created somewhere on earth
  • Quarries are a habitat for rare animal and plant species

Projects with natural stones by Kusser:

100 years' experience in natural stone.

For our granite, 100 years represent barely the blink of an eye. But those 100 years represent a great deal in terms of our experience and know-how in working with natural stone. Kusser combines traditional stonemasonry with high-tech machinery and innovation. Kusser is a world leader in the natural stone industry.

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Jerry Claxton2
Jerry Claxton
Director of Sales

Jerry has been exclusively involved for over 22 years in design, manufacturing and construction throughout the world devoted to the water feature industry. Jerry joined Kusser in 2010 to provide special initiatives, designing and creating themes of aspiring wonder from the natural element of stone and water. He has a passion to create an awe and aspiring world class water display for any application and involved in all phases of the industry. Contact Jerry today to discuss your water feature desires.